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Hutchinson Managed IT Provider

517 E. 30th Avenue
Suite C
Hutchinson, KS 67502
Phone: (620) 663-5659
Fax: (620) 663-6745


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About Hutchinson (KS)

Hutchinson, Kansas, hums with more than just the engines of its aviation past. While Boeing continues to be a major player, healthcare, energy and tech have joined the scene fostering a diverse and collaborative business community. A low cost of living attracts talent, while initiatives aim to diversify the economy beyond its traditional strengths. Infrastructure development remains a focus as the city grows. From seasoned corporations to budding startups, Hutchinson offers a supportive environment for businesses to thrive and write their chapter in the ongoing story of resilience and adaptation.

Hutchinson is a vibrant community and home to the Kansas State Fair, Strataca salt mine, the Cosmosphere and Hutchinson Community College. In Reno County and southcentral Kansas as a whole, agriculture is another prominent sector.