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Little Rock Managed IT Provider

10809 Executive Center Dr, #111
Little Rock, AR 72211
Phone: (501) 214-0760
Fax: (870)972-5578

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About Little Rock (AR)

The Little Rock, Arkansas business community is vibrant and diverse, reflecting the city’s status as the state’s capital and one of its most populous cities. It serves as a central hub for commerce, health care, transportation, government and education in Arkansas. The city boasts a strong small business sector alongside a significant corporate presence including headquarters for major companies and organizations. The Little Rock Port Authority enhances its business environment by facilitating trade and logistics with its strategic location along the Arkansas River.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key themes within the Little Rock business community. The city is home to various incubators and accelerators such as the Little Rock Technology Park which supports startups and technology firms and fosters innovation and growth in sectors like fintech, health tech and digital marketing. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock and other educational institutions contribute to a skilled workforce and provide ongoing professional development and specialized training programs that benefit local businesses.