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McPherson Managed IT Provider

103 North Main Street
P.O. Box 864
McPherson, Kansas 67460
Phone: (620)241-2090
Fax: (620)245-0328

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About McPherson (KS)

McPherson, Kansas, presents a vibrant business community centrally located at the intersection of I-135 Interstate and U.S. 56 Highway. This strategic location contributes to the town’s bustling activity including thriving businesses, excellent schools and an outstanding quality of life for its residents. The McPherson Chamber of Commerce boasts 400+ member businesses and plays a crucial role in supporting the local economy, catering not only to the city’s population but also to people commuting from neighboring communities for work, dining and shopping opportunities​​.

The Chamber of Commerce and local business organizations like McPherson Main Street and the Small Business Development Association (SBDA) work together to revitalize downtown McPherson, support the growth and expansion of small businesses and serve as a resource for economic development information in McPherson County. The comprehensive approach to revitalization focusing on promotion, design, economic restructuring and organization highlights McPherson’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment for businesses and enhancing the community’s economic well-being.

Moreover, the city of McPherson’s website underscores the city’s efforts to attract and retain value-added businesses to the area and demonstrate a commitment to creating high-quality jobs. This collaborative effort between the city and the Chamber of Commerce includes initiatives like the McPherson County E-Community Loan Program, ultimately showcasing a forward-thinking approach to economic development while aiming to ensure a vibrant business community.