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El Dorado Managed IT Provider

114 West Locust
El Dorado, KS 67042
Phone: (316)321-1350
Fax: 316-321-0039

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About El Dorado (KS)

El Dorado’s economy is diverse with a focus on industrial and commercial development. The city boasts various industries including manufacturing plants like Pioneer Balloon and BG Products Manufacturing Plant as well as the El Dorado Reservoir and Savage Trans Load Facility. These industries highlight the city’s adaptability and its ability to offer vital resources such as rail, water and land to businesses. El Dorado, Inc., a public-private partnership, plays a crucial role in this economic ecosystem by assisting new and existing businesses in their growth and helping to maintain a strong tax base for the community.

The El Dorado Chamber of Commerce actively supports this business-friendly environment by providing resources, educational opportunities and advocacy to foster economic growth. Their efforts are aimed at not just sustaining but also expanding the local business community, reflecting a commitment to ensuring El Dorado remains a golden land of opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and residents alike.