Net Pen Testing – Orlando (FL)

Many businesses in Orlando and across Florida are concerned about the increasing number of cyber-attacks happening locally and nationally. The increasing sophistication of phishing scams, ransomware, malware, and SQL injection attacks (SQLi) has raised significant concerns. The threat is substantial and applies to companies and municipalities of all sizes. This reality has compelled many to investigate proactive steps to ensure the company and municipality protect the data of its customers, vendors, and taxpayers.

An essential component of a robust cybersecurity program is network penetration testing. A simulated attack reveals various entry points and system weaknesses that cybercriminals can use to exploit, steal or hold essential data for ransom. A net pen test allows management to understand weaknesses and where changes are required. The result is the peace of mind that arises from a well-managed cybersecurity program.

Our Orlando (FL) Technology Advisory Services

We also provide other technology advisory services, including:

  • Cybersecurity awareness training and education
  • Asset inventory tracking
  • Policy tracking tool
  • Cyberattack simulations
  • Advanced email security
  • Vulnerability scans and penetration tests
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Advanced endpoint detection and 24/7 SOC readiness through XDR, which covers IoT
  • Multi-factor authentication for hybrid and remote users
  • Network control management

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Orlando (FL) Network Penetration Testing Experience

Adams Brown Cybersecurity has significant experience providing network penetration testing and cybersecurity services to organizations in Orlando and across Florida. Our team has worked for years to bolster protection and reduce the potential for a breach. The combination of deep technical knowledge along with practical experience allows us to deliver insights that keep your organization protected against outside threats. The result is a testing experience that provides management with peace of mind that data is protected, and systems are properly fortified.

About Orlando (FL)

The Orlando business community is a vibrant and diverse network of companies, entrepreneurs and professionals. Located in Florida, Orlando is a major economic center known for its thriving tourism industry, as well as its presence in various other sectors. The city’s business community encompasses industries such as tourism and hospitality, technology, healthcare, entertainment and more.

Tourism is a significant driver of the Orlando business community. The city is renowned worldwide for its theme parks, resorts, and entertainment attractions. Orlando attracts millions of visitors each year, creating a demand for hotels, restaurants, transportation services, retail outlets and entertainment venues. The tourism sector supports a wide range of businesses and provides employment opportunities for local residents.

Orlando also has a growing technology industry. The city is home to tech companies, startups and innovation centers. Orlando’s tech community focuses on areas such as software development, digital media, simulation, modeling and simulation-based training. The city’s commitment to fostering innovation has led to the establishment of incubators, accelerators and collaborative spaces that support entrepreneurship and technological advancements.