Dental IT Consulting – Little Rock (AR)

Dental practices including orthodontists and endodontists in Little Rock and across Arkansas face a variety of challenges when it comes to managing IT systems. In an age of increasingly complex software, Dentistry Today reports 97% of all U.S. practices are at high risk of security vulnerabilities.

Dealing with outdated technology, equipment maintenance and the need to constantly update software often disrupts patient care. Some elect to rely on an internal person or team to deal with immediate issues, which can put long-term IT and cybersecurity concerns on the back burner. Some elect to handle technology themselves, which pulls you away from caring for patients. Both approaches can expose dental practices to additional risks which can have serious consequences.

Working with an outside provider can alleviate many challenges for busy practices. An outsourced technology partner works to ensure the technology infrastructure is optimized for the practice’s specific needs. By working with a team that understands dental practices and the unique challenges faced, this frees up time to focus on what matters most – providing high-quality dental care to patients.

Little Rock Dental IT Experience

Adams Brown Technology Specialists, a leading IT consulting firm, provides technology consulting and cybersecurity solutions to dentists in Little Rock and across Arkansas. With experience serving over 60 practices and with significant experience with Dentrix, Eaglesoft and CareStack, our team delivers a first-class solution tailored specifically for dentists. Whether your practice is looking for assistance with a one-time project or needs more comprehensive support, Adams Brown Technology Specialists stands ready to assist.

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Dental IT Solutions – Little Rock (AR)

  • Compliance & Regulations – Assistance maintaining compliance with various frameworks including PCI-DSS and HIPAA.
  • Technology Consulting – Assistance with strategic planning, infrastructure solutions, network design and implementation, cloud security, and regulatory compliance.
  • Cybersecurity Consulting – Assistance with network security, email security solutions, security awareness training, simulated phishing attacks and cyber liability insurance. We also offer penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.
  • Managed IT Services – Evaluation of current technology, network management, data backup and disaster recovery, cloud applications, vendor management and help desk support.

About Little Rock (AR)

One of the notable strengths of the Little Rock business community is its economic diversity. The city is home to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, government, education, technology, manufacturing and logistics. This diversification contributes to the city’s economic stability and resilience, even in times of economic fluctuation.

Little Rock is known for its strong healthcare sector, with numerous hospitals, medical centers, and research institutions. The presence of major healthcare providers and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) positions the city as a hub for medical innovation, research and quality patient care.

The entrepreneurial spirit thrives in Little Rock, with a growing number of startups and small businesses making their mark. The city provides support for entrepreneurs through resources such as business incubators, accelerators and mentorship programs. The community values innovation and embraces the risk-taking mindset that drives entrepreneurial success.